My OJS has suddenly stop sending mail

I guess this is a question that has been repeated many times in this forum but the outgoing mail for users in my OJS has stopped working at a certain point without me knowing why. After this I have been trying different settings in the mail section of the configuration file ( but none of them work and the cryptic “There was a problem sending an email message…” message appears over and over again with all the settings I am trying.
The configuration for mail in the configuration file is:

Use SMTP for sending mail instead of mail()
smtp = On

; SMTP server settings
smtp_server =
smtp_port = 587
Enable SMTP authentication
; Supported mechanisms: ssl, tls
smtp_auth = tls
smtp_username =
smtp_password = *************
; Allow envelope sender to be specified
; (may not be possible with some server configurations)
allow_envelope_sender = Off
; Default envelope sender to use if none is specified elsewhere
default_envelope_sender =

I have exactly the same configuration on some Wordpress that are on the same machine and in the case of Wordpress there is no problem to send the mails. The emails go out and arrive without any problem. So I guess there is no problem in my server related with this issue.

I’m about to go crazy, is there some kind of log that can be activated and looked at to see what is going on?

Hi @kaluosi,

Hard to say for certain what exactly the issue is, but as a starting point, you may wish to have a look at our email troubleshooting documentation:

Additionally, I should note that OJS 3.2 is no longer supported, and upgrading is highly recommended.

PKP Team