Multiple templates directories

Hi everyone,

I’m moving our OJS installation from 2.4.2 to 2.4.6. and I think I may have found a very easy way to add multiple templates directories as asked here and here.

Seems to work well but I’m a bit concerned about unexpected issues.

My changes:

  • I've created a new folder called "override" and inside this one, another called "templates"
  • I've made two small changes to file:
    • Added this line of code before line 82
      $this->over_template_dir = $baseDir . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'override' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'templates';
    • Changed line 86 to:
      $this->template_dir = array($this->over_template_dir, $this->app_template_dir, $this->core_template_dir);
So it's just one modified line of code and another one added to Smarty seems to check first if file exists on "override > templates", then on "templates" and finally on "lib > pkp > templates". All compiled and cache templates share already defined directories, no changes there.

My questions are: Does this involve any security or unexpected issues? Could this be moved to a plugin that extends PKPTemplateManager?

I’ve been testing it and have not found anything wrong so far. It allows to have all changes separated from the core files, except this one.

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@beghelli pointed me in another topic to his great template manager plugin ( but I’ve got 206 changed files so I thought this way (multiple directories) would be easier for me to maintain or adjust our modifications during upgrades.

I also know OJS 3.0a will be available on August and it completely changes templates management but this may be helpful for 2.4 installations (if there’s no issues…).

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Hi @andymp ,

We did something similar for OJS 3.0; see:

I think your approach should work well, though you might want to check what happens when filenames clash – e.g. whether recompiles are triggered as expected by template file modifications. I remember running into a few small issues there.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thanks @asmecher! Lot’s of changes there!

Regarding what you said, I’ve been searching for a solution and it seems recompiles should be correctly triggered by template file modifications if there’s a compile_id assigned. And I think I’ve found the code I needed here: framework/Smarty.php at master · joestump/framework · GitHub

So, added to the changes mentioned before, I’ve changed the fetch function this way:

  • Line 283 changed to:
function fetch($resource_name, $cache_id = null, $compile_id = '', $display = false)
  • Added new line before returning this function:
$compile_id = $this->getCompileID($resource_name, $compile_id);

And I added a new function:

 private function getCompileID($template, $compile_id)
        if (strlen($compile_id)) {
            return $compile_id;
        $compile_id = $this->template_dir . $template;
        return sha1($compile_id);

Don’t know if this solves anything at all, but everything seems to work well right now. I’m going to continue with the tests and I’ll let you know if I find any issue.

Thanks again Alec!

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Hi @andymp,

Ah, good spotting. I’ve used this approach in the master branch with a couple small distinctions from your suggestion:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi @asmecher,

Nice!!! Your code is really clean, so I’m going to replicate your changes to see how they work on my installation.

Thanks & regards,

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Using your override/templates folder example:

If i wanna to make a change in the footer.tpl where do i put it?




override/templates/lib/pkp/templates/commom/footer.tpl ?