Multiple site administrator's - You do not have sufficient permissions


We are having an issue when creating more than one site administrator.

Attached is the error message we see when we try to edit a user who is a site administrator, from another account that is also a site administrator.

To add site administrators we have taken the advice on the forum to add the user_id to the user_user_groups table, using the user_group_id of 1.

We have just upgraded to the latest version hoping this would fix the problem however the issue remains.

Does anybody else have a setup with multiple site admin’s,
and if so have you experienced a similar issue?

Many thanks
Jamie Milne


Hi Jamie,

It’s not possible for a site administrator to edit another site administrator. They’ll need to edit their own account.


Thanks jnugent!
So what we can do is all be Journal Managers and share a site admin account, reserved for site admin tasks only.

What is the difference between a site manager and journal manager?
We have some key users who need top level access, I made myself site admin role only, and could hardly see anything, no users edit access or journal access. But when I added Journal manager role I had a lot more control.

So does this mean Journal manager sits at the same level as a site administrator?

Many thanks for your input

Hi @Jamie_Milne

A site manager can create or delete journals. A journal manager cannot do that. They can also install plugins via the plugin upload feature.

In order to access journal management features you still also need to be a journal manager, enrolled in that journal.