Multiple Roles for Coauthors


We are in the process of implementing the CRediT – Contributor Roles Taxonomy (CRediT - Contributor Roles Taxonomy) in the submission process of our journal. We believe that this could be done more easily by creating a role for each of the CRediT role and then made them available in the submission process so the author could select the role(s) of each coauthor, The problem is that, as it is, it’s only possible to select only one role for each co-author. Would it be possible to change that and make it possible to indicate more than one role for a co-author?

Does anyone has a better suggestion on how to implement the CRediT taxonomy into OJS?

Thank you!

My first reaction is that the OJS roles ought to map against OJS permissions, and so the concept of CRediT roles is distinct from this. Until now, I’ve been thinking of these as metadata attached to the Author / Coauthor records, as opposed to OJS roles. Perhaps you have additional thoughts on this.

There is a bit of additional discussion here, with a link to additional discussion on GitHub:

We would be very interested in your input.

Hello there! Well, I believe OJS roles can be coded as metadata. So, it would be much easier in the submission process to indicate the role of co-author using a customised OJS role option. The only problem I see with this is that if a coo-author has more than a role, you cannot indicate that in the submission process… So if this could be changed, the whole process of submitting a paper and indicating co-author roles would be much more straightforward.