Multiple omp problems

I guess the forums are no longer divided into products? So here are the issues killing me tonight!
OMP–I have a book that has been available for a couple of months. Today we finished the actual front cover AND a final layout of book.
1)Trying to save the book cover–will upload jpg, but not save. and now my catalog page is just spinning too
2) PDF in page proofs is approved and available, but it doesn’t show up in download
3) In synopsis, bios are not showing up.
4) In Catalog, (I have a digital and a paperback version–though I’m not sure that is how I want it), but under first one it has this: Date of first publication: 1969-12-31 (Hijri Calendar). Cannot for the life of me figure out where this is coming from.

Please help!

Hey mmcmahon,

Let me see if I can answer these in order. First, what version of OMP are you running?

  1. Are there any errors in your server log for the upload of cover images? We’ve had reports of MIME configuration problems in the past. In some cases, images are not necessarily detected as such and cause problems. This is a PHP configuration issue. What are the MIME settings in your

  2. Did you set the price and distribution methods for your press? Those are in the management settings for the Press itself.

  3. Can you provide me with a link so I can see?

  4. Publication Dates are handled in the catalog metadata modal for each publication format. If you click on the PDF publication format, there is a grid in there that contains publication dates. Just delete that particular one.


Thank you so much. Part of my problem is obviously that I’m not a techie. I
have a guy who does my installs and updates and right now I can’t even get
into the admin account because apparently the password changed and I didn’t
get it. Will put URGENT in my email to him now. There is obviously
something wrong with the server because the catalog page is still just

However, in case you can take a look, it’s My first book and it must be
published today.

Jason, OK, I got the cover image loaded (it appeared to just be too big).
However, the book is still not showing in download and the bios are not
showing up. And that strange pub date is still showing up. I’m kind of at
the end of figuring out why these things are happening. Thanks for your

Hi mmcmahon,

Did you try the other things I mentioned in order to resolve those things? A book won’t appear in download unless the distribution mechanism for your Press is configured, and a price or open access settings are configured for the files associated with the publication format. And see my other comment about the date in my first response to you.


Jason, I finally stumbled on the one place I had not clicked on open
access–that resolved the lack of downloadable file.

I remembered where the author bios are–this took forever because for
whatever reason–just opening the edit of each author causes the author
bios to completely disappear; can you explain that? Why doesn’t what I save
there stay? The author bios are showing now, but I’m afraid we’ll open
those edits and they’ll be gone again.

AND I still cannot find the place you are saying to fix that weird date.

I am a longtime user of OJS and even though I said I’m not a techie, I
understand how to work with programs like this, but so far, I am not
finding parts of OMP to be nearly as intuitive as OJS was–I know it is
early days. However, I’m happy to be using it and will be promoting use of
it to my colleagues in other seminary libraries.

Yeah, OMP is quite a bit different than OJS. For what it is worth, we are doing a lot of UI/UX work for OMP, and also for OJS, because version 3.0 of OJS will share a lot of the user interface that OMP has right now.

Your author bio editing issue sounds like a bug. It should keep the settings you entered, so I will test here and file an issue accordingly, if I can duplicate it.

To find the date problem, open that book’s workflow and click on the ‘catalog’ link at the top of the screen. If you click on that, a modal window will appear. You should be able to select the PDF publication format from one of the tabs, and scroll down to the publication dates grid. It’s the fifth grid down the page.


Jason, Is this what you mean by the modal window? I’ve clicked around on
just about everything clickable and I don’t see anything like you describe?
[image: Inline image 1]

Yes that is it. Scroll down in that window. There is another grid about half way down called PUBLICATION DATES.

Yep, have done that a thousand times–I do not get a grid, I get this:It
appears I could add other types of dates, but I don’t see any grid with
other dates?
[image: Inline image 1]

Yeah, but how are you able to add new dates? Are you clicking on the ‘add date’ link? That link is in a grid with the other dates listed in them. Each date has a little arrow next to it that reveals a link to delete it.

I always have a grid with all of the publication dates for a format. At this point the only thing I can suggest is that you email me the admin login and I can look for myself. jason AT demitas DOT se.


Hi @mmcmahon,
How did you fix book cover problem? We are uploading files (big, small… jpg, png), but something is not working.

@jnugent, hi. We are working with OMP 1.1.1-1. MIME Settings into

[finfo] mime_database_path = /etc/magic.mime

Thx all,