Multiple Login Options

Hi all,

I would like to display multiple sign-in options on the login page - local login, Shibboleth and OpenID.
The latter two options will (or will not) be displayed depending on whether the respective plugins are enabled.
Since the plugins already have their own login templates implemented, they overwrite each other when activated together.
I’m struggeling a bit to bring all the different templates together…
Any advice on where and how to start with this?

I imagine the result to look somewhat like this when both plugins are active:

OJS version 3.3.0-13


You should try using some CSS, try using “inspect” in your browser to play around with it and after the changes are what you expect, copy and past the changed CSS into Custom Header plugin (after everything is ready you can move this CSS to a custom stylesheet).

Best regards,

Hi Josh,

thank you very much for your suggestion. I had a look into it but “inspect” doesn’t even show the elements that I would expect to be there. I think the issue arises from how the plugins handle the login display. The Shibboleth plugin sets a hook for this:
HookRegistry::register('TemplateManager::display', array($this, 'handleTemplateDisplay'))
And I guess this overwrites the login display of the OpenID plugin. Does that make sense?