Multiple e-mail addresses for notifications upon submission

My Editors have one request so I’m asking for bit of advice. They (4 of them) want to receive email notifications when ever new submission is made. I have tried to add more email addresses at Settings → Workflow → Submission → Notification of Author Submission, but I can enter only one address, is there a way to include more than one email address at this stage?


We do this by selecting the option to send a notification to the primary contact for the journal when a new article is submitted. The e-mail address we use for the primary contact of the journal is a group distribution list with all of the appropriate members of the editorial team as members. There is also an option to add a notification address that is not the primary contact, and a group distribution list could be included there as an alternative. I’m not aware of any way to add multiple addresses to this field within the interface.

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Hi Vanessa, thank you for help, I didn’t think about primary contact as group list, that clarify things.