Multiple Domain Names for Multisite OJS


I’m trying to create virtual hosts that point to various journals on an OJS multisite installation.

The index page that lists all the journals can be accessed through the following URLS:

I would like each journal to have a discrete url so that, for example, would resolve to the journal’s main page at Socially Responsible Modeling, Computation, and Design.

Is there any documentation for this? Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this? I have a handful of journals on this site and I would like to do this for all of them.

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Hi Tim,

This is exactly what the base_url parameter is for. For single domain installations you can use it with just:

base_url = "https://yourdomain.whatever"

But if you look further down in the file you’ll see that you can specify domains for specific journal paths like:

base_url[Soremo] = ""

and do that for as many individual journals you have.

For Apache, just point all of the domains to the same DocumentRoot and then OJS will sort it out. Domains that are not specified with specific base_url[] directives will load off of the main one in the regular base_url option.