Multiple authentication


we are coming from ojs 2.4.8 and are now running Open Journal Systems

The local authentication works well when shibboleth plugin is not activated
The shibboleth authentication works well too when shibboleth plugin is activated.

Now, I would like these 2 mechanisms work together as it was the cas in release 2.4.8.

in the file implicit_auth is set to “Optional”, but when the shibboleth plugin is activated it is impossible to run the local authentication.
May be I am wrong somewhere…
Please help me to understand how to solve my problem

Thank you

The new Shibboleth plugin for 3.x doesn’t use the implicit_auth directive from As currently written, it overrides all of the interesting login/logout/password handlers, directing them straight to Shibboleth:

This is the reason it can’t be used alongside local authentication.

Enhancing this code to allow for the two mechanisms to work together would be needed. If you have any PHP skills or know a developer who could work on this, we can help to guide.