Multi-language journal, form entry requirements

We’re using OJS with a multi-language setup, as one of our main journals is linguistics-related. Sadly, we experience some problems with the backend forms, specifically required multi-language entries for user registration forms.

I tried adjusting the journal language settings in just about every configuration possible, changing the default locale for our installation in the administration settings, all to no avail. I’d appreciate assistance in the matter. I’ve currently restored our original settings and included screenshots.

Currently, all form languages are active since both form and submission languages seem to be linked and can’t be activated independently and the journal receives and publishes articles in multiple languages. Deactivating these for a test didn’t help with the problem though.

Thank you for your assistance!

Hi @Facultas,

I’m wondering if you can explain your issue a bit further: is it that when you de-select the UI, Forms, or Submissions options (in your first image) that these options still appear for these locales, or that they do not appear? I don’t quite understand the problem you’re facing.

PKP Team

Dear Roger,

The problem is that when using forms such as to register users, regardless of whatever is selected in the language options, multiple languages entries must be made.


Thank you!

Hi @Facultas,

Thank you for clarifying. After looking into this a bit further, I can see that this has been encountered before. There is an open issue to address this here: OJS 3.1.2 in localized author names the site default locale is required even if the journal does not use it · Issue #5136 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - this has been identified as an issue, but there is not yet a solution for it.

As a work-around, unfortunately, one might have to enter the name for all three of the given languages. Not ideal, I know, but something that might have to be done in order to allow the form submission to proceed. Other community members here on the forum may wish to weigh in with their experiences if they have encountered this.

PKP Team

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