Moving a paper through Round 2 of peer review

A paper in one of the journals that we host in our OJS was accidentally sent to Round 2 of peer review. After doing a lot of searching in the PKP forums it looks like OJS doesn’t have a way of deleting Round 2 of peer review (at least, not for our version My idea is to assign the paper to one of our service accounts for Round 2 and then just use that account to Accept Submission which will send the paper to the editor for copyediting, and then the editor can get the paper back to the original author along with comments from Round 1 (and Round 2, which will not have any comments.)

I’d like to know if this plan would work, before suggesting it to the journal manager. If not, I wonder if there might be another way to deal with the accidental Round 2 and would be open to any ideas.

Hi @sringsmuth,

What you proposed could possibly work, and is possibly the most easiest option. There is also the option of requesting revisions, and then initiating a new round: - this might confuse the author a bit, but you could communicate the decision and some instructions to them to reupload.

As you note, this is different in later versions of OJS (and in fact OJS 3.2 is no longer a supported version, so I’d recommend you upgrade sooner than later, if you can).

PKP Team

Thank you Roger, I really appreciate your help with this. I think we’re going to go ahead with the original idea of assigning one of our service accounts to be a reviewer for Round 2 and then use that to shuffle the paper through the process so the editor can get it back to the author along with comments from Round 1.

We do plan to upgrade our OJS at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, but until that happens we’re just going to keep going with what we have as long as it’s viable. I know the newer versions have a lot of improvements, but we’ve done some tweaking to our OJS over the years that might get lost with an upgrade so we’re just trying to maintain status quo for now.

Thank you!

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