Move OJS installation folder

Hi all,
Before updating I want to move my OJS installation from

Is there anything I need to be careful or to change?
For links and search engines I was thinking of doing a redirect via htaccess.
Thank you in advance

As far is only the url (not the journal’s alias) looks like an easy change.

Your main concern need to be (by order):

  • In this file you will (at least one) base_url variables. Be sure they point to the right url.
  • mod_rewrite/htaccess: Review your rewrite rules to point to the right url.
  • DOIs: If you have dois, remember to update them to point to the new urls (or create new rules to keep old urls pointing to the new ones).

If you cover this thre fronts, I think you will be safe.

If you also decide to change the journal’s alias (aaa in your example) you also need to be sure to change it in the frontend in the journal’s configuration from the site’s administration interface.


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