Move main menu to sidebar

Hello all,

On the previous forum, there was a question about moving the main menu to the sidebar.

I managed to create a block plugin, copying the code from templates/common/navbar.tpl to my plugins/block/customnavbar/block.tpl

The only problem is that the menu is only showing on setup step 5. I’m moving the journal to a new fresh and hopefully error-free install.

There were no access restrictions on the navbar.tpl, so I have no idea why it’s not showing on any other page.

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Hi @ramon,

The plugin probably isn’t registered within the system. To register a plugin, run the upgrade script:

php tools/upgrade.php upgrade 

…making sure to back up your database beforehand, just in case it’s in an odd state of some kind.

Thanks Alec,

I always forget this simple step…
Since it’s a clean install, without content yet, no need to backup…