Move journal to localhost

Hi all,
Any idea how to move live journal to localhost?
I am using 3.0.1,

Thanks in advance

Dear @kawahyu,
First of all, install any local server like XAMPP.

From you live website save the followings

  1. webroot directory (public_html)
  2. Files folder
  3. database

Now, start your XAMPP and press admin button in mysql module. Phpmyadmin page will open up. Make a new database (any name you like) and import your downloaded database into this new database.

Put all files from your webroot folder to htdocs folder of XAMPP.

Save your files folder to whereever you like in your computer (into xampp folder would be the most appropriate).

Now you need to edit your file in the htdocs folder:
baseurl = “localhost”
driver = mysqli (if you use php 7 or above) or driver = mysql if you use 5.x
host = localhost
username = root
password =
name = your database name you created from your phpmyadmin page

files_dir = “full path to your files folder” (This should be like this “D:\xampp\files”)

Once all these done, type
into your web browser.

Let me know if you face any problem.

best wishes,

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