Move Document from Copyediting back to Review

How do I move a document that has been sent to Copyediting stage back to the Review stage?

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Hi @smsandbe,

Thanks for your question. Which version of OJS are you currently using?

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Patricia M.
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Hi Patricia,

OJS 3.

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Hi @smsandbe,

Could you confirm which version of OJS 3 you have as there are now a couple of different versions.

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the version is:

Thank you.

I also have this question as one of our editors has mistakenly moved several manuscripts from Review to Copyediting prematurely. We’re also using version Thanks!

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I have this same question. I’m on

I have the same question for

I know how I can change the editor decision of the review stage, but I cannot start a new review round after a submission was mistakenly sent to the copyediting stage.

Hi @ptr885,

Can you please post a new post on the forum. This is an older thread and may not be actively monitored. Feel free to link back to this post if its similar to the issue you’re facing.

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