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Dear PKP support,

We have been using OJS version for many years, I recently upgraded OJS to 2.4.8 and then successfully upgraded to current version

Since our articles are production ready and do not need to go through the submission process, I downloaded and installed ‘QuickSubmit Plugin’ from the following location; GitHub - pkp/quickSubmit at ojs-stable-3_0_1

Everything seems to be working fine except that articles added using QuickSubmit Plugin end up creating multiple ids for authors in the ‘authors’ table as shown in the image below;

Now when I use Most read articles by the same author(s) plugin, I do not see all articles by the same author and results vary, see two examples below;

example 1 (wrong behaviour)

example 2 (correct behaviour)

Is there a way to combine (merge) authors with a script so all articles for one author show up when using the above plugin.

Is it possible to fix the ‘QuickSubmit Plugin’ so duplicate entries do not occur to begin with.

I hope my question and illustration of the problem is clear to understand.

Thank you.

Qamar Bhatti.

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Hi @qbhatti!

Can you please confirm that the author [of the article 613] of the first screenshot (the “wrong” one) has the exact same firstName, lastName, country and affiliation as the author [of the article 580] of the second screenshot (the “correct” one)?


Sorry, I am not very familiar with OJS database structure, may I PM you .sql database?

@qbhatti You could see the metadata of a submission’s author by following the URL [journal]/workflow/index/[submissionId]/1 (that is the submission with id submissionId edit page) ->metadata->[List of Contributors]->contributor->edit

But if it’s easier for you, you could send the authors and author_settings tables.


@qbhatti Taking a quick look at the authors table and more precisely the authors of the submissions mentioned above, it seems that the first author (the “wrong” case) has a Country(MY) declared, while the second author (the “correct” case) has not.

The recommendByAuthor plugin tries to find submissions with the “same” author, not by checking the id of the author, but by retrieving all the submissions that have authors with matching firstname, lastname, country and affiliation fields.

Try to erase the Country from the first author (or add it to all the others) and see if that solves your problem.

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Erasing the country from authors table fixes the problem :slightly_smiling_face:, thank you for your spot on analysis :thumbsup:

However, as mentioned in my first post, I am using ‘QuickSubmit Plugin’ to upload articles which makes the country field mandatory, so for my future uploads I will have same issue again. I guess in the older version of OJS country field wasn’t mandatory.

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Good to hear it worked @qbhatti

Yes QuickSubmitPlugin follows the OJS3 mandatory fields for the authors. And the Country field is mandatory, while in OJS2.x line it was not.

An explanation that comes to my mind is that the transition from OJS2.x to OJS3 left the OJS2.x authors without a defined Country.

My suggestion about that is as follows: Because you use QuickSubmitPlugin, you have no authors submitting themselves. Controlling the submission procedure, enables you to check your DB (authors table) every time you add a submission for all rows of the same (submission) author, and throw an update on the Country field for the rows without value in this field. That way the recommendByAuthor will give consistent results.

I had the same workaround in my mind, thank you and have a good day.

It only shows when affiliation is same with country

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