Modifying language settings in OJS not possible

Hi there

I’m setting up a journal and made a mistake in the language settings. It’s not possible to reset them. When clicking “Standard wiederherstellen” (Restore Standard in German) a pop-up asks for verification. When clicking “OK” there is no response (see sreenshot). Do have any tips? And - I am new to OJS. Do you have a place to report bugs somewhere? I have another one :slight_smile:

Thanks and best

We are using 3.3.0-15

Hi @Anna83,

Regarding this:

Do you see the spinning wheel or any other behaviour here? If so, it would be a good idea to check your PHP error log and report on errors found there?

It is probably best to create a new forum post and give as much detail as possible on the issue you are facing. Our developers will then assess it and can suggest if it warrants filing a bug report on Github.

PKP Team