Mistake Assigining DOI (OJS

I made a mistake placing the Issue of an article. The mistake continued with the DOI numbering. I placed an article on Volume 5 Issue 1 which is supposed to be Volume 4 Issue 2.

I fixed the issue placement to Volume 4 Issue 2 but the DOI can’t be changed like the following screenshot.


How do I change the DOI number so that I can resubmit it to Crossref?

thank you

Hai @Muhammad_Khoiruddin, have you unassigned the doi of the article after fixing the volume? If not, unassign the article’s doi by editing metadata then reassign thr article with the new doi.

This Solved. Thank you

Hi @satuh1,
If the previous DOI has been registered and deposited in Crossref (or some other registration agency), then it is permanent. But you may edit its metadata, and change its URL. If suffix.v5i1.297 has been deposited, than you need to change its URL to prevent DOI conflict. Otherwise, there will be 2 DOIs pointing to the same URL. Crossref will report it to you.

For that reason, I removed the year, volume and issue information from my DOI syntax, and just structured it as %j.%a (like 10.33395/owner.297).
Even you assign a second, new DOI to this submission (article), the URL for article details page will remain the same, and will be sent to DOI registration agency. A simple solution may be using Crossref Metadata manager, and edit the DOI manually. Link : Crossref

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 20.51.10

@drugurkocak :+1: alternative way might be tried.