Missing TinyMCE button for image upload in Announcement's "Short description" and "Full text" forms

  • Application Version: OJS 3.3.0-4 and OMP 3.3.0-4
  • PHP version 7.3
  • OS: Linux Centos

On two fresh installatiions of both OJS 3.3.0-4 and OMP 3.3.0-4 I can’t find the TinyMCE button for image upload in the Announcement’s Short description and Full text forms (See image below).


The image button used to be there in previous versions of OJS (for sure in 3.1.x, didn’t check for 3.2).
I tried to enable buttons with the “Text Editor Extras” plugin but “Announcements” is not available as option (see image below).


Does anyone know a way to enable that button in both Short description and Full text fields?

Thanks in advance to anybody who might help to solve this issue.


Hi @razzi ,

Can you check if you have SettingsTinyMCE Plugin enabled?

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs, thanks for your feedback

I have the plugin Editor TinyMCE enabled and also the Text Editor Extras plugin enabled

In version there is no option to upload images in the announcement, how do I upload images?
I always get this error when I drag the image to the announcement: cannot convert blob:https://xxxxxxxxxxxxx to Blob. Resource might not exist or is inaccessible.

Please, help me!

Hello @Gustavo_Florez, I merged your post to this thread since it seems you are not the only one having trouble with this. Please double check that you also have the Editor TinyMCE and Text Editor Extras plugins enabled.

As a temporary solution it should be possible to upload an image into another text area (for example, the About the Journal section), click <> to view the HTML and copy the image html (<img src="image url path" alt="" width="x" height="y" />) and paste that in your announcements, so long as you have the img HTML enabled in config.php. But hopefully we can figure out how to permanently restore the editor’s image upload button.


Thank you! You are very kind.

OJS upgraded version 3.3.0-5
Hi! can you also help me? I have the same issue with the first one … I can’t upload images also in the announcement … and the edit source code is not showing also …

I’m bumping this one for visibility …

We are affected too by this problem and the workaround that @EmmaU shared is not working for me … The img tag is enabled in config.inc.php but is displayed as text in the announcement as if it wasn’t being parsed :confused:

A little updte/correction … the workaround works, at least in our installation, but only when you copy the image’s URL without tags…

in the example:


instead of

<img src="https://journal/site/images/image.jpg" alt="" width="x" height="y" />

I would also like that adding an announcement image as an explicit feature to the plugin. One can enable/disable this based on their need or as an optional value

//Commenting to bump visibility as well…

The Text editor extras plugin has been updated and now Announcements is included … Tested and working in our installation.

Thanks a lot to the devs!


OJS, I have updated Text Editor Extras plugin.

While the code button is now available in the “Announcement” area, it is not available in the “Short Description” area of the announcement.



Where did you get the updated version of the Text Editor Extras plugin?
I only see the old version both in the PlugIn Gallery anche on github (GitHub - pkp/textEditorExtras: An OJS plugin to add controls to the rich text editor to upload images, manipulate the HTML code, and add tables.)

Am I missing something?


Hi @razzi

I’m amost sure I have downloaded it from the Plugin Gallery, the standard way.

reference: Include Announcements in the configuation options · Issue #10 · pkp/textEditorExtras · GitHub

Hi @hilongo
thanks for your feedback.
I’ll check it better

I just use the OJS dashboard, it does not indicate any newer updates. Should I download from github and upload to OJS?

@guitman444 as an alternative, you can copy the inserted image from full text column to Short Description by block the image first and paste it as usual