Missing Option to Cancel Reviewer

Good morning, all!

We are attempting to cancel reviewer requests that have been accepted by the reviewer in OJS 3.1.2. In a GitHub discussion from 2017 this feature is indicated as having been implemented, and screenshots show that a “Cancel Reviewer” option should be available on the dashboard after a reviewer has accepted a review request.

This option does not appear for us, however, and I can find no mention of it in the published Docs and tutorials. We see “Unassign Reviewer” as expected before the review request has been accepted, but once it has been accepted we seem to have no way of canceling the review request.

Can someone please confirm that this rumoured feature in fact exists? And, if it does, can anyone offer an insight into why it is not appearing for us? I have reproduced the error (if it is such) across multiple installations on different servers and while logged in with a variety of different roles and permissions up to and including “Journal Manager” and “Journal Editor”.

Thanks for your time!

Hi @racemochridhe

It’s not in 3.1.2. It’s been committed to the master branches, and marked for inclusion in 3.2.


Ah, thank you. Not too much longer to wait, then!

just to confirm this has been fixed in OJS 3.2.

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