Missing horizontal scroll bar

OJS 2.4.7-1

This happens on _ journalsite_/index.php/journalname/editor/selectReviewer/articleid

The “Assign” buton and other columns get lost everytime there is some user with an attribute that is too wide, in this case showed below, this happens even with pretty wide screens.

Shouldn’t OJS add a horizontal scroll bar when any column is hidden? Or again, OJS really should be doing this and there is something wrong in my installation?

Please ignore the PHP profiler on the bottom of the pages, this was taken at our development server, this happens regardless of the debug settings.

Hi @samueloph,

OJS 2.4.x was designed long before responsive layouts were a hot subject; unfortunately its design has some quirks like this. We’ve got a completely redesigned front end almost ready for release in OJS 3.0 which will resolve longstanding problems like this. Meanwhile, I’d suggest tweaking your CSS locally, or temporarily sizing down your browser font size if you’re missing an action and need to click it.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher, I’m following the work being made on OJS3, and it looks great, but we won’t be migrating to OJS3 until/if we have a tool that makes us able to migrate journals between OJS2 and OJS3 (not just a simple upgrade, i mean different databases) because we are centralizing all the university journals into one single OJS and some of them runs on old OJS installations, currently we use GitHub - lepidus/fullJournalTransfer: OJS plugin for importing/exporting a journal with all its private information (e.g. submitted articles, reviews, editorial decisions, etc.), but i think it doesn’t support OJS3 and neither know if it will.

Your suggestion may be a little unpractical, because i can lower the font size, that is already a small one, and still can’t be sure if this is happening anywhere else, i’d have to check for the whole system.

Do you have any other suggestions on what can i do to fix this? something that may prevent this hideout to happen (letting the browser do a horizontal scrollbar), at least on that page?

Thanks Alec

Hi @samueloph,

For OJS 3, we’ll be including the usual style of upgrade scripts, though of course the upgrade code that it runs will be more involved than usual. For in-place upgrades you’d follow the normal process; to test out OJS 3 without running the upgrade in place, you’d copy your database and files, then adjust the OJS 3 config.inc.php to point to the new location, then run the in-place upgrade on that. The Lepidus script won’t work without modifications on OJS 3, but one option would be to run it on your 2.4.x database then perform the 3.0 upgrade afterwards.

Your question about fonts etc. is really a CSS question and frankly my CSS skills are very limited – part of the reason we’re so happy to have @NateWr working with us on OJS 3.0. I suspect a couple of CSS rules would quickly resolve this; I’d suggest working with Firebug or similar to inspect the elements and test prospective rules.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

@samueloph, the CSS property overflow would be a quick way to address this.

Hi @samueloph, I’m not really able to provide any CSS code without having access to the page where the problem is occurring. Adding overflow-x: scroll; to the table element might do the trick.

Another approach might be to add width: 100%; to the table element. It should force the columns to not exceed the allotted width. You might also want to check out word-break, a very useful attribute for long, unbroken strings.

Thanks, I fixed it by adding

table.listing td { word-break: break-all; }

to our custom site’s CSS, the scroll fix would be better but it didn’t work and i don’t think i will. debug it.

Unfortunately I don’t think this is a valid option, considering we may have to wait a long time before making sure we won’t be migrating any more journals, that is, to make this, we have to be sure that all needed journals are already migrated before upgrading to OJS3 (although this is our last-resort).
Or maybe this could be done if OJS 3.0 has a tool to export/import jorunals between its installations, but i don’t think that’s the case.

Our approach will be to upgrade as soon as one of the following happens:

  • fullJournalTransfer begins to support OJS3;
  • OJS3 can import/export journals from/to another OJS3 system (then the Alec approach would be practical);
  • We’re sure that all needed journals are already in our OJS2 system (because the only tool to export we have is fullJournalTransfer);

Anyway, I really hope we can upgrade our OJS3 as soon as its released, and thanks again for your help, to everyone.

Just to clarify the scrollbar problem, its worth to empathize that this only happened because we have users with bad formated interests, you can see that all whitespaces were replaced by %20 (and so on for all special characters).

I believe this issue won’t happen again, considering I don’t think we have such long words in Brazilian Portuguese, but I will apply the CSS as a precaution and investigate if this was caused by bad user input or the fullJournalTransfer plugin (different database configurations) [this happend in an imported journal].