Missing fields in contributors form since upgrade to OMP

Hi everyone,
I upgraded my local installation of OMP from to following this guide: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/dev/upgrade-guide/en/

Everything works fine so far, except for the fact that already published submissions are missing fields in the contributors form such as first name, last name, affiliation etc. Field data is present in the database and is normally shown anywhere else.
Only the contributors form is missing those fields if I want to change them. The error log does not show any errors.

In Grid:

If I want edit the contributor:

Not sure what the problem is, maybe anyone else is experiencing anything similar?
Could it be a locale problem?


Hi @vmayer,

Are you able to check the browser’s error console for anything that might appear there?

PKP team

Hi @vmayer,

I’ve seen this problem before on a journal that was migrated from OJS 2, let me know what’s the output of this query:

SELECT * FROM journal_settings WHERE setting_name LIKE '%locales%'

There should be 3 entries: supportedFormLocales, supportedLocales and supportedSubmissionLocales

If any of them is missing, you can create the record manually to fix and use the same value for all… If you don’t have any entry, here’s a default that should work (just use a proper journal_id):

Jonas Raoni

Hi @jonasraoni and @rcgillis ,
thank you for your help!
I checked press_settings for the locale options and all three are present with [“de”] (since it is a German press).
I also checked the console for Errors - no Errors :frowning:
What I’ve noticed though is that the “-isVisible”-attribute is missing from the pkpFormGroup class name of the already published submissions. If I add it manually into the developer tools in the browser, the field shows up!
Newly published submission:

Migrated published submissions:

Not sure if something got missing along the way when I migrated.


Hi @vmayer,

Yes, looks like something is missing. Are you able to detect what’s different between the migrated submissions and the new ones in the database?

I can try to look for answers later. But if it’s ok for you, feel free to send me a database backup in private and it will make things easier for me :slight_smile:

Jonas Raoni

Hi @jonasraoni ,
I checked again if there was difference between the migrated and new submissions and finally found out what the problem was! :slight_smile:
In case anyone is experiencing the same: for me, it was a locale issue.

Not sure why, but in the database the submissions table was missing locale for some submissions. I added the locale abbreviation and now everything works as expected!

Thank you so much for your help and quick answers!


Great! Perhaps we can add some warnings to the upgrade process.

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