Missing data in Usage statistics report (OJS

Hello, I have run the [Usage statistics report] for all our journals and received very detailed information (so I am pleased with it…). However, in one of our journals data stop with 202010, while all remaining reports return data up to 202101. Strange is that this is our older journals and I cannot figure out why this happens. I do not handle any codes, so use a standard installation.
Does anyone have an explanation about this problem?
Thank you,

Do some of your journals have their own base_url configuration? For example, do some of the journals have a url like myjournal.com and others have a URL like myojs.com/index.php/otherjournal?

Hello Nate and thank you for your reply. I have checked and all our journals have this URL base, the same for all 5 journals on the installation:


Going through the reports I noticed that
journal 1 (gcnd): month starts at 201910 and ends at 202002 for a total of 4992 lines
journal 2 (ao): month starts at 201809 and end at 202010 for a total of 4886 lines

Other 3 journals are just fine and with very granular information. I am wondering if there is a “line limit”?
As you can image this can be a problem in my Y-end reporting activities.
Thank you for your time!

I’m pretty sure there is not a line limit. I’m not sure what would cause stats to be missing from some journals after a certain date. To my knowledge, there’s no way to disable usage stats on a journal-by-journal basis.

The first thing I’m look into is whether or not log entries are getting recorded correctly for those journals. You can see log entries before they are processed in your files_dir, under the usageStats/usageEventLogs directory. Open up the files there to see if you can spot entries for the journals in question.

Hello Nate, I cannot find these event logs (I am not actually a programmer…). I have raised a ticket with our provider and hopefully they can look into it.
Will get back to you if I received further information and data.
Thanks for now…