Missing and inaccurate metadata in OAI-PMH (DOI, Rights Management...)

Hi everyone,

We are still newbies on OMP and OAI-PMH, we are running OMP and our OAI-PMH repository now displays the good book URLs thanks to @rcgillis on this topic: OAI-PMH and books URL

But I noted that our records don’t display our DOI and Rights Management data: https://editions.univ-lorraine.fr/edul/oai?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc

Some people did fix the DOI issue for OJS here: DOI not present in OAI export - multi journal And I guess the Rights Management data are natively running well in OJS.
So I wonder how would it be possible to fix it on OMP too (DOI and Right management issues)?

In addition, we are running the xml2html plugin developped by French Metopes team and in the OAI records, the relation URLs dusplayed are the viewer URLs (eg: https://editions.univ-lorraine.fr/edul/catalog/view/b9782384510122/10/26) and not the chapter landing page (which is https://editions.univ-lorraine.fr/edul/catalog/book/b9782384510122/chapter/39 for the previous example).
Is it possible to change that too?

Thank you for your help.