Migration to OJS 3.1.2 and locale es_AR issue

Dear friends, we finished a migration but we had small issues with this local es_AR, we changed all values to es_ES in the locale fields from all tables (before migration), but, we still having an issue at Copyediting ( Draft Files) the info never arrives. we found in the error log this line.

Undefined index: es_AR in /var/www/clients/client4/web80/web/journal/lib/pkp/classes/context/Context.inc.php on line 273\n’, referer: https://test-cienciasagronomicas.unr.edu.ar/journal/index.php/agronom/workflow/index/251/3

Know if there is another tables we should check, like inside a setting_value field where this locale es_AR could be inside a json data format?

thanks a lot!!
regards from UNR, Rosario, Argentina

Hola compatriota!! :smiley:

We had similar problems after our migration. But we didn’t change the locale ‘es_AR’ beforehand.

Have you tried to make a copy of all the es_ES directories (at their various locations) and renaming them to ‘es_AR’

Or disable and delete the es_ES language on the site, and then re-enable it?


Hi all,

Don’t forget to flush your data cache (removing all .php files in the cache directory) after modifying the database directly!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Migration from version to was carried out and another user wants to be added from an administrator user but displays the following message ## user.profile.form.givenNameRequired ## () and the Apache log appears this description PHP Notice: Undefined index: en_AR in lib/pkp/classes/form/validation/FormValidatorLocale.inc.php on line 45, referer: management/settings/access.

Try deleting files with extension php inside the cache folder but still with the same problem.