Migration Submission on OJS 3.3

Hello PKP & Team,

Currently we have several journals on 2 separate OJS.
I have a plan to combine those 2 OJS into one, now our process has been successful on import issue and import user.

But we have a few problems:

  1. After we import the archive, I see that the review round on the submission has disappeared, is it really like that?

  2. When we want to move the Journal submission with the status of copyediting, review, decline. whether the process is possible to do, and if possible how is the method used?

Regards Yoga

Hi @Yoga,

What method did you use to import your your journal content? Additionally: do you know what specific version you migrated from (e.g. from OJS 3.2.1 to 3.3.0-8)

I’m not sure I understand your second question:

Could you explain further - or perhaps give a screenshot of what you’re hoping to do?

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis

Thank for your respon
We using the latest version of OJS( 3.3.0-10 ) on both of our OJS. Btw The method for exporting import articles that we use is to use the native XML plugin and for an export-import user, we use this command script on our server: php7.4 tools/importExport.php UserImportExportPlugin export user-journal.xml journal

Here is the detailed view of the article on my old OJS :

Then when I moved articles and users to the new OJS, all the review rounds on articles that had been published or were in the copyediting stage all disappeared.

Then in the article that was moved, Participants such as editors and authors also disappeared.
and also the activity log on the article becomes inaccessible.
activity log

Please help me if there is any other method I can use to solve my problem above related to OJS merge.


Hi @Yoga,

Thank you for clarifying. The Native XML import/export does not include - it only includes article metadata and galleys: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/admin-guide/en/data-import-and-export#native-xml-plugin - using it to migrate workflow data is not feasible - much of that information is stored in the SQL database for your OJS instance.

The same goes for the user export - it only exports user information - not the workflow information associated with the users.

How long ago did you do the migration? Do you have backups that you can restore?

I’m curious as to why you’re running two instances of 3.3.0-10 and what has necessitated your migration from one instance to another?

PKP Team

Dear @rcgillis

Thank you for your information, I’m curious, is it possible in OJS 3.3 to do a merge process that loads workflow data on submissions?

related to backup yes i have both databases recoverable, currently i’m doing a test run on my staging server.

Why do we want to migrate from one OJS to another?
Previously our organization had 2 OJS which had different versions( OJS 2 & OJS 3 ), those 2 OJS have been running for more than 2 years. Our organization has a policy of merging those 2 OJS to become a unit in 1 domain, For now we have successfully upgraded both OJS.


Hi @Yoga,

I’m afraid that this currently isn’t feasible. Exporting content is mostly the only option: Migrate multiple journals into one - #2 by marc

But exporting the content comes with the caveat that it does not contain any of the associated workflow data, unfortunately. As noted in the post linked to above, it is on roadmap for future development, but it will likely be some time before it could be developed.

It was feasible, apparently, to merge two OJS 2 instances, using this third-party tool: Merging a few OJS 2 installations into a single OJS 3? - #2 by ajnyga

I don’t know the status of this tool, however, as it might not be kept up-to-date - and its not available for OJS 3.

Thanks for clarifying your situation. That’s not uncommon for organizations to host multiple instances of OJS, but merging them into one is not something that is easily done (or really feasible, so far as I know).

PKP Team