Migration of Usage Statistics

We recently migrated several years of back issues from a journal site configured on an old subdomain to a site configured on a new one (both running Transfer of issue content via the Native XML plugin and re-deposit of DOIs has gone fine, but we find that no usage statistics have come through. The new site thinks all usage of the journal’s content began at the migration:


Given that usage data is clearly not stored as part of the article metadata, is there some other way we can migrate it over in order to preserve continuous statistics over the whole lifespan of the journal?

The core problem here will be that with import/export via the Native XML plugin, your article and issue and galley ids will have changed from the old site to the new site.

I can think of three approaches, but none of them will be easy.

  1. If you still have the opportunity to rethink your migration strategy, you could reperform the migration, but instead of using import/export tooling, copy the whole old site and then delete the content you don’t want to keep.

  2. If you have the old access logs, and if you did the work on the old site to point now defunct URLs to the new site, you may have a mapping of the old URLs to the new URLs. You could replace the old URLs for requests to the articles and galleys in the old access logs with the new URLs, and then process those modified log files via the Usage Statistics service.

  3. If you have the old database and are proficient with SQL, you could make the old database tables accessible from the new database, and then join the old submissions table to the new submissions table, based on the DOI values. You would then need to create a very complex query to recreate the statistics from the old metrics table based on the new identifiers for the articles and galleys. This could then be directly inserted into your new metrics table.