Migrating a journal from another location

I am trying to migrate my journal from another location. The files are in pdf format and there are 10 years of articles. as a Newb how do I go about doing this to OJS especially as I am very new to the system.

Hi @marcsardy,

Basically there are two options:

  1. Use Quick submit plugin and manually copy all data from old location to the OJS. Not a big deal, just a lot of mainly copy&paste work
  2. Use Native XML import functionality. For that, you need a tool that takes data from old location and creates XML files that can be imported into OJS

Depending on the number of articles and the possibility of implementing such a tool you should see what is feasible for you. By my experiences usually, the first option is cheaper/easier.

Regards, Primož

The only quick submit plugins I see want XML or is there another location for those plugins to be added?

I should add I can see the code but I am not sure how to bring that in to OJS? How do I create the plugin in the OJS journal site?

Hi @marcsardy,

Do not mix QuickSubmit Plugin and Native XML Plugin. The second requires XML as I explained above. The first is to manualy enter the data. Maybe you have to enable it: Settings-Website-Plugins-Plugin gallery (in OJS3 - btw, which OJS version are you using?).

Regards, Primož

I am using version 3 . I enabled it but it does not let me upload pdf or when I convert files to XML or DOCX files. it finds faults with Microsoft .

So I was able to upload an article using quicksubmit. I am not sure if I should use XML format or just a PDF. Can I re-edit any of the inputs as I get them like Keywords , JEL classifications ? How do I group the articles into a journal volume? Do I have to go through the whole submission /acceptance for quicksubmit to make it active on the site?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @marcsardy,

Maybe you can go first over the doc that is available: PKP Docs - Documentation for OJS, OMP and all of the Public Knowledge Project's software
I find online tutorials (PKP School) especially valuable.

Regards, Primož

So, I was able to creat Journal, upload articles using quicksubmit. I am not sure why it looks chaotic when I preview. The links show up as a bunch of disorganized boxes. I cannot move them. Also I uploaded a TOC but it does not show up in the TOC tab. Not sure how to do that. Also, Not sure how to upload Abstracts outside of the quick upload. Or give different Keywords or JEL classification codes after I created the articles to make them easier to search.

Also, is there a way to get EBSCO or ABI to see these?