Migrate from ojs2.4.8 to ojs3.0.2


I want to know Which SQL causes the problem.
Help me please.

I know data come from article_comments, but i can’t know row in table. (15,5xx row)

Thank you

Hi @OhnO395

The article_comments are migrated to the queries i.e. notes table. The problem seems to be when inserting a note – the content of the note seems to be problematic, which is set here: ojs/Upgrade.inc.php at ojs-3_0_2-0 · pkp/ojs · GitHub i.e. using the value of the column comments from the DB table article_comments.
In order to figure out what comment makes that problem, could you maybe print out the variable “$row[‘comment_id’]” somewhere near that line, e.g. here: ojs/Upgrade.inc.php at ojs-3_0_2-0 · pkp/ojs · GitHub?

Also, are all your settings (DB, OJS 2.4.8 as well as OJS 3.0.2 configurations) and the content in the DB UTF8?


Thank you. I will test again.

All db, config file and content in db are setting utf-8, and content in old db

(I use phpmyadmin export from old db)