Metrics Table not updated

Good Morning,
I have some problem that metrics table not updated and only four data in theremetricstables, whats wrong with my OJS, installed OJS version.


HI @awan205

Is you generic plugin Usage Statistics enabled?
Do you use Cron job or Actron plugin to automatically run the scheduled tasks?
Do you see the usage statistics log files in any folder of your folder files_dir/usageStatistic/ ?


Hi @bozana

All of you mention above is Ok, but in config file i found base_url setting is not right,i think. My setup are:
base_url =

Is the problem in setup base_url??
How to setup base_url in the right way…??

Hi @awan205

Yes, that is then the problem…
What do you try to do – how is/are your URL(s)?
S. also these posts – you might find an answer there:

or other posts when searching after “base url”:

EDIT: Depending on how your URLs are in the usage statistics log files, you might have to adapt them too or start logging anew…