Metadata step keeps loading ojs3x

We’re using ojs for multi journals. For one journal, when authors enter the abstract in step 3 (Enter Metadata) with a long paragraph then click on “save and continue” the page keeps loading and cannot go to the next step of the submission. But when entering just a few lines (about 3 lines) in the Abstract box it works and continue to the next step.

However, long paragraph abstract can be added with no such problem in the other journals.

What is the problem and how we can solve it?

Thank you.

Hi @Johnklark,

An error of this nature often points to something that is going on with the application on your server - are you able to check your PHP error logs and report back on any errors that you find here?

PKP Team

Okay, I went through cPanel>>Metrics>>Errors:
The Error log file gives no errors:

or is there another place that I should get the error messages!

in the cpanel go to file manager…

in the file manager go to the root folder of your ojs or root folder of your public_html according to how your server is setup
there should be a file call error_log

right click and view the file

Thank you, I didn’t know that!
These are the common error messages, they are repeated several times:


I went through the files above and found the related lines as follows:

             Line 69:	        ini_set('session.cookie_domain', $this->userSession->getDomain());
             Line 166:         $request = Application::getRequest();
             Line 190:         $request = PKPApplication::getRequest();

             Line 231:         list($baseUrl, $contextPath) = Core::_getBaseUrlAndPath($url);

             Line 777:         $url = Core::removeBaseUrl($url);

             Line 148:         $journal =& $this->journalDao->getByPath($journalSpec);

You should first produce the error by clicking the save button after insert the long paragraph and then check the error log after that so you could trace what error… usually it will start with php fatal error…