Metadata 'published by' hiding


in version OJS, I would like to hide the publication date (published by) for certain articles.

I haven’t found a solution for this yet; is it possible to achieve this through installing a metadata plugin (or some other method) - would it be editable data?


Can I ask why you want to hide the date? It’s not really desirable for most articles so maybe there is something else you’re trying to do with this where there might be other options to consider…?

I think it would be technically possible to suppress the publication date everywhere by editing the templates to not show that field but I’m not sure if that wouldn’t have unintended consequences – and doing it on an article-by-article basis seems like it could get pretty involved pretty quickly…
(The templates I’m referring to, for your reference:
article template: ojs/templates/frontend/objects/article_summary.tpl
ToC template: ojs/templates/frontend/objects/issue_toc.tpl)

You can already edit the publication date in OJS as-is without a plugin, although I’m not sure that’s quite what you’re asking about re: “editable data”
but just in case it’s helpful if you go to Issues > Back Issues, then choose one and navigate to an article, you can unpublish it, edit the publication date, and re-publish (here is a good example, it automatically republished with the date someone made a change to the entry and so we will have to go back and change it to the actual publication date of the article)

Thank you for your reply,
in the meantime, after the update, a new menu item appeared in which this data request can now be turned off