Metadata Location in OJS 3.2.1

The new OJS 3.2.1 version has just been installed and our journal editors cannot locate the Metadata button or its equivalent, which used to be in the upper right hand corner of all submissions. To where has the submission metadata been moved in the new software version?

Hi @SSheplawy,

That should not be so difficult to find: just open a submission tab and here they are.


Regards, Primož

Thank you! I appreciate your assistance.

Hi @primozs

It is clear that the metadata button appears under the Publication tab. But when the Metadata button appears in the right upper corner, together with the Editorial History and Submission Library buttons, Journal Editor users can check and handle metadata in an easier way since the begining of the workflow (while in the Unassigned status). Furthermore, I think this display is more intuitive and user friendly.

The tutorial video for the PKP School course for Journal Editors shows the Metadata button in the right upper corner.

For me this was the reference for the correct display of an OJS 3 version in production environment.
This post came to my attention because I am working with a team to upgrade our OJS plattform (for multiple journals) from version to 3.2.1-1. And in the intalled version 3.2.1-1, the metadata button is absent from the set of buttons in the right upper corner. And the other buttons have different designations (Activity Log, instead of Editorial History and Library, instead of Submission Library).

Metadata managing is possible as showed in the print screen you posted before.

So, to conclude, my questions are: Is the display without the Metadata button in the right upper corner correct in version 3.2.1-1?
Is there a way to have the Metadata button displayed as shown in the video tutorial of PKP School?

I would appreciate a reply, because this is the only doubt remaining before we validate the upgrade of our OJS platform.

Hi @ensilva ,

Looks like the PKP tutorial uses older OJS version.
Can you post a bigger screenshot - look at my screenshot, the metadata is visible lower then what you have posted.

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,

I am posting the screenshot of the Publication tab. And actually, the Metadata link appears in left side bar. It is ok to access metadata this way. The tutorial video may indeed be using an old version and this misled me into a doubt. I only want to be sure that this display is correct in the newest versions of OJS. Is it OK?

OJS print

Hi @ensilva ,

Yes, that is it. As I wrote above, looks like the video uses older OJS version.

Regards, Primož