Message key without message


one of editors wanted to open a Pre-Review Discussions with the author. When pressing OK he got popup with the message: ##user.authorization.invalidQuery## . I have no idea how that happened and I can not reproduce it.

As far as I have searched that message is not defined in any locale. If my understanding correct, can you please:

  • file a bug for that
  • let me know what should be written so I can add it temporary manually to the localization file

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve filed an issue: Missing locale key: user.authorization.invalidQuery · Issue #3776 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

It looks like that locale key will be displayed when a request is made for a query that a) doesn’t exist or b) the request is malformed and the query requested doesn’t match the submission to which the request presumes it is attached.

If it is a) it probably means that a discussion was deleted between the time the editor loaded the page and clicked on the discussion. If it is b) it either means a malicious user was attempting to access a query they weren’t supposed to (unlikely) or something got twisted up in the request params (ie - a software flaw).

Since I am not aware of any other reports of this being thrown, my guess is that it’s (a).

One of our journals reported this same error.

Note Nate that it happens when you create a totally new query. My theory is that the user has had the page open for a long time and has been logged out. Not sure though.