Merging a few OJS 2 installations into a single OJS 3?


We are using the a few OJS 2 systems: one system for one magazin. We started in this way in the beginning to be possible to personalize the webpage and the rights journal by journal by modifying the editor’s and author’s templates and also the classes, etc. It was okay, but now we have more and more journals…
I found at PKP Frequently Asked Questions that it’s much easier to start with a single copy of OJS than to try to merge several OJS installations into one multiple page. However, what do you think, what are the possibilities for merging these multiple OJS 2 systems into a single OJS 3 installation?

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I recommend the following:

  1. Upgrade all OJS2 installations to latest version of OJS2
  2. Merge the installations into one OJS2 installation with this excellent plugin: GitHub - lepidus/fullJournalTransfer: OJS plugin for importing/exporting a journal with all its private information (e.g. submitted articles, reviews, editorial decisions, etc.)
  3. Upgrade the merger installation to OJS3

And before every step take database and file back-ups of everything

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Hi, can use this plugin for ojs 3?

Unfortunately not. It only works for OJS 2.x.

is there any similar plugin for ojs 3?

I need to do the same thing, but in two instances of OJS 3 in a single OJS 3.

How should I proceed to do this?