Menu-submenus OJS

I came across several times that editorial boards want to have complex menus with several menus and each of them sometimes do have 5-7 submenus. For example, if you want to have menu Contact us and you create submenu that is custom page with Google map of university area you cannot open first menu since when mouse hovers of it it drops down submenu that is clickable. Top menu item is not clickable.
In that case editors create additional submenu that links to Contact part of OJS resulting that first menu Contact us that is not clickable any more is related to Contact part of OJS and its submenu.
I suppose that it is not good practise to have more menus that are connected top one part of the system.
In addition there should be some solution that in such cases topmenu item can be whatever that doe not result that submenu and menu are related/linked to the same thing and that top menu item is not clickable any more.

I hope I am clear and that there must be some more clear and elegant solution to that situation.

Hi @vvucic

This was done deliberately and as I know this is a common practice. It can be unexpected for user to be redirected when clicking on the dropdown menu. Also one cannot hover on mobile devices; although this can be manageable by changing behavior for small devices, this can decrease UX.

As an example, you can look at PLOS’s menu:

If you really want to associate pages, you can simply create a custom page and put needed links there. By the link, when you are clicking onfor authors - dropdown menu appears, but when one is clicking on the for reviews - custom page with links in it appears.