Menu problem in OJS 3.1 (bug)?

I installed fresh OJS 3.1 with two languages: English (default) and Ukrainian. After basic setup (create journal, fill in setup forms, adding an issue) I have a frontend, which looks reasonable in English. In other language (Ukrainian), the main content looks as needed, but the main menu looks strange: ‘Current’ instead of ‘Поточний випуск’, missing string navigation.archives instead of ##navigation.archives## etc.

Similarly, reinstalling from scratch and selecting Ukrainian as default, I obtain Ukrainian menu and cannot change it to English. Cleaning caches does not help.

Tried several times on diffenent machines. With 3.0.2 all works fine. Please, fix.

Hi @leechunsonnn

Are you familiar with the mechanism of OJS localization? All localisations lie inside locale and lib/pkp/locale folders. They are in a form of XML files. Can you find those missing and problematic strings for Ukrainian localization there inside your OJS instance? For example, navigation.archives should be here: