Menu languages in Dutch

I only have english menu items. When I choose Nederlands (Dutch) I get these kind of strings.

I do not know where to translate them into dutch. And why was there no Dutch language pack from the begininning?
And if, how to install it?
(I am only a journal manager. I am not the technical engineer who upgraded this universities’ OJS on Linux etc.)

The upgrade to 3.1 broke al lot of (dutch) Journals into rubbish overhere. Not amused.
Please help
kind regards

Hi @Jan,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having this problem after upgrading. The navigation menu names, field names, messages text, email template text, etc. in OJS all come from locale files. If you are seeing ##manager.navigationMenus.about.description## instead of “about” (or the Dutch translation), it means that the locale key (or translation for that menu item name) is missing in the locale file, and instead the system is displaying the name of the locale key. If you’re seeing this in a lot of places on your site, it’s possible that a locale file is missing from your installation or was not installed properly during the upgrade. Can you ask your systems administrator to look for the nl_NL file in the locale folder of your installation and then to check that the files were copied into the database?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Which version of OJS do you have? I can gudie you through steps of installin locale.

I install it for myself in order to check its availability.