Maximum File Upload size?

We were running OJS on the AWS cloud server using Ubuntu 20.04. Now, we have hosted the OMP on the same server with a different port number. After that, I cannot upload a file with more than 2MB in both instances. It always shows an error message: “File is too big Max filesize: 2MiB.”. I have already updated the values on the php.ini, i.e., upload_max_filesize=128M and post_max_size=128M. I was able to upload the larger files on the OJS before. It is not working after installing the OMP on the same server. Could you please someone help me to resolve this issue? Thank you in advance for your help.


A couple of things you may check: did you update the correct php.ini file? I mean the one in the php version you are using; have you tried to increase the limit in the php global configuration?

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@jnoronha Thank you for your response.
I have resolved this issue by changing the settings for the available site conf. I have added two lines of maximum file size and post max size under . Now it is working fine.