Mass Unerollment

Hallo, we do operate an OJS server. With 66 journals and 9.000 users. One of our journal managers has enrolled all the users as reviewers. This is a problem because the journals ONLY must enroll the users needed to operate their journal. Right now, we need to unenroll the users one by one. Is there a way to unenroll the users as one mass unenrolment?

I have not worked with OJS2 in a while, but if I recall correctly there is a roles database table there with the role id, user id and the journal id.

So probably you could remove all the reviewers (4096) from a specific journal with a sql query in that table.
Edit: but I am not sure if something else would need to change as well…

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Hi all,

@ajnyga is correct – the roles table is the relevant one to work with. The role_id values are defined in PHP – see classes/security/ for the definition of the ROLE_ID_... constants.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear @ajnyga and @asmecher - great. Good news. I will contact my IT people today.
Best Jesper

@ajnyga and @asmecher It worked. Saved us a lot of hard work.

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