Manuscript theme: lot of white space after install

Dear @Vitaliy,
Hello everyone,

after activating “Manuscript theme” I have noticed that things stay less compact in comparison with the demo installation of the theme.
I am referring in particular to the white space which lays between an article and the other in the issue index in the homepage, but also on the issue page. I have tried to identity the correspondent css code in order to try to customize it, but I really couldn’t. Would anyone ever faced the same situation?
I attach a screenshot at this regard. I would be very grateful for any help.
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Hi @leonardo.mancini,

According to the screenshot, it comes from a sitestyle.css file, which isn’t included by default in this theme.

Dear @Vitaliy,

thank you very much, you were absolutely right!
All the best and sorry for having disturbed.

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