Manually adding a country to the affiliation dropdown list

One of our editorial teams in a multi-journal installation would like to add a country (Kosovo) to the list of countries in the affiliation dropdown. We tried looking up where we could make that change, but only found dependencies to a third party Github repo, which in turn depends on a Debian country list repo.

What would be the best way to add a country without worrying about future upgrades removing it again?

OJS version is 3.2.1-4

To add Kosovo to the list of countries
I added the following code to the file lib/pkp/lib/vendor/sokil/php-isocodes/databases/iso_3166-1.json.

My OJS versiyon is

   "alpha_2": "KS",
   "alpha_3": "RKS",
   "name": "Kosova",
   "numeric": "999"
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Hi all,

Please keep an eye on this plugin, which will be released in the near future and will permit you to alter the country list without modifying files on the server.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thanks @kerimsarigul that seems to have worked!

@asmecher I’ll keep an eye on that, thanks.

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