Manual editing/correction of galley id? [OJS]

Dear OJS-Community,

we publish our contributions as PDF and HTML galleys. Because a recent contribution had some audio files in it, we inserted QR codes in the PDF galley that link to the HTML version. Because there were some minor errors in the HTML code, I uploaded a corrected galley, but stupidly did not upload it as a new version and deleted the original HTML galley. At that moment, I did not think that the new HTML galley would also receive a new galley id (1190). The link in the QR code refers to a URL with the old galley id (1127).


So the link in the QR code no longer works.

To solve this, can I just replace the “galley_id” values from “1190” with “1127” in the following two tables in our database?


Or is there a more elegant way to do it?

Unfortunately, I cannot just swap the QR-Codes in the PDF files.

Many thanks and kind regards