Manual assignment of DOIs

I assign DOIs manually in my journal in as I - maybe erroneously- don’t believe I can format them automatically my preferred way ( e.g. - which is "…journal abbreviation.year.volume.article order in volume)

However I can’t seem to find a way to enter the DOIs manually to enable these to be exported to reference handling tools. I saw a thread from 2007 where it seemed that it would be added in a later release.

Thus is there a way to enter DOIs manually that I just haven’t found?

Best regards, Poul

Hi @poulalberg,

Yes. For DOI assignment you will use the DOI public identifier plugin (Journal Management > Public Identifier Plugins > DOI). In plugin settings, you should then choose the following option for DOI suffix: “Enter an individual DOI suffix for each published item. You’ll find an additional DOI input field on each item’s meta-data page.”.
When editing the (article) metadata, you will see an input text field, where you can enter the custom suffix for that article’s DOI. If the suffix is not empty, the DOI will be automatially generated i.e. saved in the database when a user is viewing the article.
For DOI registration you will then use the appripriate import/export plugin (Journal Management > Import/Export Data). Only articles with not empty custom DOI suffixes will be considered there.



Hi Bozana,

Thanks - that worked nicely.

Regards Poul