Managing journal with more than 400 articles published by year

I am managing from the technical point of view journal that has several issues, supplements and special issues per year. They publish approx 400 articles per year and they do have approx 500-700 articles waiting in queue. Some of their issues are being edited by guest editors who are not familiar with web platforms for editing.
One solution i to have another installation of OJS that will be used for submissions for different issues which will be called journals. So authors are expected to submit their articles to Special Issue, Supplement, Thematic Issue etc. so a number of submissions will be divided into separate units.
That sounds plausible to the editorial board.
I would like to remove buttons Current Issue and View Journal below them or direct them to Current Issue and journal that is on different address since it is in different installation of OJS.
Please advise

Hi @vvucic

I assume you are using OJS 3.0.2 and I assume you want to remove the links from the site page, right?
Here is that code for the site page:



I removed those lines in my Boostrap template and those links disappeared. But, My two journals are listed as part of unnumbered list.

How to remove those little, bullets?


Hmmm… This seems to have something to do with CSS… Maybe @NateWr knows?

There are <ul> and </ul> tags at the beginning/end of that part of code. I did not remove them since I wanted to check would that make issue to their parts of code.
Yes, Nate could give advise.


The bullet style for unordered lists is generally controlled by the list-style-type declaration: