Managing Editor doesn't have "sufficient privileges to view the submission"

Hi there,

This user wrote to us saying that she can’t access a given submission even though she has the Managing Editor role.

When she tries to access, it gives the following message:


She claims that she cannot find the submission using search by author, title or ID. The only way she can find it is by clicking on the link that is on the submission acknowledge e-mail she received when the paper was submitted.

Me, as a Site Administrator, can access the submission normally and also if I log into her account, using the Login As functionality.

Any help would be much appreciated.

We’re using OJS


Any help, please?

Have you checked that the user does not have multiple user accounts? I have had cases where the user is signed in with account A and receives an email for account B. When she then clicks the link in the email she gets an error because she is logged in with account A and that account does not have permission to access the submission.

If that is a multijournal installation, remember to search the whole site for the accounts.

Hi @ajnyga,

Yes, I made sure to check for duplicate users, but it’s not the case.

hmm, I really can not see any other reason if you can access it using the login as action.

I would double check what user_id is connected to the username visible in the corner of the screenshot (from users table) and then compare that data to the stage_assignments table. Do a search there using the submission_id and see if it matches any rows that contain the same user_id. If it does not, then the user has two accounts. You can check what user_id's have a stage assigment to the submission from the same rows and see from the users table what those users are.

Of course it is possible this is some other weird scenario but everything points to two accounts.

edit: also make sure that the user has the author role

Thanks @ajnyga, but this is waaaaaaaay beyond my capacities.

edit: also make sure that the user has the author role

I checked that and the user did not have the author role. So I went ahead and added it. I logged in as the user and managed to access the paper, but I still need to check if the user can access on their own (not sure if I was under the influence of my Site Admin user).

Why is the author role necessary here?

I am not sure, I just looked what it says in the url of your screenshot.

Maybe she has mistakenly added herself to the submission as an author. But it is unclear to me what her role is in the journal to begin with. Hope that was enough to solve it!

Hey @ajnyga,

Just wanted to give you a feedback about this case: it did work after the Author role was given to that user. Thanks for the help!

It is still unclear to me why the author role was needed to solve this. That user was able to access other submissions just fine (even without the Author role), the only issue was with this particular submission.

hmm, maybe she is assigned to that submission also as an author? I mean she could have two stage assigments in the same submission the other one being an author assigment. Maybe, not sure.

That’s not the case. She is the journal’s secretary and not one of the authors.