Making ORCiD required field

Is there a way to make ORCiD a required field. We are using OJS

Hi @NadineWubbeling,
You want ORCID a required field during user registration or article submission?

If you want it during article submission, you can read this thread and modify your files accordingly. But, in this case, ORCID will be required for all authors (not only primary author).

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Regarding this, it would be really important if the plugin could have an option to make ORCID ID required for submitting authors.

As of 2019, all articles published in SciELO Brazil must have the ORCID ID for at least one of the authors. More and more publishers are doing the same each day (see ORCID Open Letter

The way the OJS plugin is setup now makes it really hard for journals to comply with such requirements, considering there is no way to make the ORCID ID a mandatory field, unless you modify the code. However not everyone have the necessary expertise to do so.

I can see a problem with that. According to ORCID best practices, the ORCID ID must be entered by the owner of that ORCID ID and no one else. If we were to make it mandatory for all authors, that would mean that the submitting author should be the one entering the ORCID ID for the other co-authors, and that’s not recommended by ORCID:

It is important to ensure that the API is used to enable information flow, and that you are not allowing authors or reviewers to manually copy and paste an iD into a free text field or to search for their name in the ORCID Registry.

This is an important feature we would like to implement in our server, have you some news about?


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Hi @alexxxmendonca,

Have you opened a github issue for this feature? I can’t find one but I want to be sure before I create a possible duplicate.

Amanda Stevens
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Hi @astevens,

No, I haven’t done that and after a quick search, it appears that there isn’t one yet.


Thanks, @alexxxmendonca! I made an issue - please add your comments or let me know if I can explain it better.

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Thanks, @astevens, I just added a comment there.

Fingers crossed now!

Hello, everyone!

Is there anyone that could explain me how to make the “ORCID” and “affiliation” field mandatory on OJS/PKP?
I have no knowledge of PHP language.

Thank you very much.

Hi @Cristiana_DOBRE,

It is not currently possible to make fields on the user registration field mandatory through configuration, so it will require customizing the code. The forum topic posted above explains how to do it (Affiliation mandatory, OJS

Amanda Stevens
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Thank you, @astevens

Still, I am not a coder, and I don’t even have an idea where I can find the code to change. Can you give me a hint, please?


Hi @Cristiana_DOBRE,

I am not a programmer either so unfortunately I can’t provide instructions. I suggest you read through the other topic carefully and trying out what is explained there. Then if you run into problems and have specific questions, post them on the other topic.

Amanda Stevens
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