Make pages accessible without logging in

Currently, one has to be logged in to access any page of my OJS (2.4.6) site other than the home page. I have a few static pages that I want to be open to the general public, so is there a way to make multiple pages open to all without being logged in?

I’m just wondering if anyone has done this. We may just make the site completely open.


Hi @SteelToeBoots,

Please, check your journal setup page, step 4, inside Access and Security Settings. There you can define if users must be logged in to access the journal content or not.


That makes the entire journal open or closed, but is there a way to make individual pages open while keeping the others closed unless one logs in?


No, you can’t define accessibility settings on page level.


@SteelToeBoots depending on what you are trying to achieve, you might like to consider making all journal content only available to logged in users (through subscriptions) and open the journal, so that people can read the static pages but not read the journal contents.