Make 3 coloumn at ojs

how to make 3 column?
like this?

Hi @desrat_sari,

you can achieve this by following these steps:

  1. In the role Journal Manager, click on “Setup” and then “5. The Look”.
  2. Under “5.6 Journal Layout”, you see three selection fields. The available widgets are shown in the middle, while the left and right fields correspond to the left and right sidebar columns. You can use the arrow buttons to move them horizontally and vertically.
  3. If you put widgets in both the right and the left column and then click “Save and continue” at the page bottom, you get the layout shown in your screenshot.
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@ojsbsb Sorry, can you give me video tutorial or screen shoot? Because, I don’t understand? thx before


Problem solved already?, if not, maybe this video I just made would help

@DiegoG Thanks for your information :slight_smile:
how to change title sidebar?

sorry, I don’t get it, can you take an screenshot and show what are you trying to change?