Mailing list OJS 2X


We are using OJS
When I need to send a notification about a new number published from the editor role, I have the option to “include all emails on the mailing list” (attached image).

How can I manage that list? How do I know who the people on the list are? How is a user registered on that list? How do you unsubscribe?

Please I need your help. thank you!!


Users can subscribe to the mailing list as a registered user, or as a guest by email address. This is managed with the “Notifications” block in the sidebar. The URLs will be [journal]/notification/settings for registered users, or [journal]/notification/subscribeMailList for anonymous guests. An unsubscribe link of the form [journal]/notification/unsubscribeMailList/[key] will be provided in the email message, assuming the email templates NOTIFICATION_MAILLIST and NOTIFICAITON_MAILLIST_WELCOME have not been modified to remove it.

I don’t believe there is a way for you to see the individuals who have subscribed within the web interface. This can be queried directly from the database, if you are familiar with SQL.

Dear ctgraham, thank you very much for your reply!!!